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Meet our talented and diverse group of teachers. Check out their classes and all that have to offer!

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Jamaica & Leonard

Owners and Founders

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Cass Dawkins

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Cass was introduced to yoga as a form of cross-training by a coach in college. She fell in love with it's holistic approach to wellness; incorporating mental and spiritual along with physical health. Cass completed her 200RYT in Hatha and Vinyasa at Mission Beach Yoga in San Diego, CA. She was mentored by Jenny Holding (YogaWorks Atlanta) in Yin and Restorative. And is currently a part of a cadre studying under Jaimee Ratliff. Having studied Sports Management in both undergrad and graduate school, she loves working with "the everyday athlete". Approaching yoga as a form of active recovery. Expect deep rejuvenating postures, mindfulness, and breathwork.

Jamaica born in Ohio but spent a good majority of her life in New York, where she honed her skills and abilities of manifestation and spiritual development practices. Jamaica is a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and  has a keen sense of connecting with whomever she interacts and aids them in their spiritual development. Jamaica started her Spiritual Journey early on as a child and immediately recognized her empathic abilities and life’s purpose. A lifelong dream of Jamaica is to open up a Healing and Wellness Center that will reach out and help all types of people that are keenly interested in Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Evolution.  ​  Both Len and Jamaica went to the same high school in Southern Ohio.  After graduation, they both went their separate ways with Len enlisting in the Air Force but,  not by coincidence, met up again at their 30 year High School reunion. As Len pursued his career in the Technology Industry, he recognized that there was something missing and that there was a part of him spiritually that was untouched or recognized. Upon making himself aware of this gap, Len embarked on a 15 year journey of Spiritual Development and Knowledge. Len became aware of his innate ability to harness Energy from the Universe and with this ability; he pursued his certification as a Reiki Master. He has been a Reiki Master for over six years. He also wanted to know the scientific reasons behind this Universal Energy, so he completed several courses on Quantum Entanglement and Neurosciences. 

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Coach Zen

Certified Life Coach




Meet Coach Zen Who is making a transformational difference in the lives of women around the globe. An intuitive Life Coach for women who have experienced emotional trauma. Her goal is to support you in your Healing Journey and to help you redirect your life so that you can create lasting change within it. Coach Zen guides you in being a healthy adult from within and understanding your purpose, so that you create your life or desired outcome by imagining what is possible. She lives by this quote: "You are whole, never broken or lost." She is your human compass that guides you on how to activate your internal navigation system, trust yourself again and own your power. Her skill set is massive and I have been Mentored and trained by the best of the best.

Subrena, our resident Licensed Aesthetician will assess the whole person and offers excellent natural skincare using pure fruit and plant enzymes that are cold processed.  Also, luxurious body polishes, fanny facials and vajacials and yoni steaming sessions round out just a portion of her treatment selection for a much smoother and healthier skin for your face and body.   In the beauty and wellness since 1985 and professionally licensed in 2011, Subrena brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Healing Environment so... Be empowered. Be beautiful. Be transformed when you start the next chapter in the book of you! 

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Tee Brooks

Yoga Teacher


Angela Hales

Yoga Teacher

Tee Brooks is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance, that specializes in yin yoga & core blasting. She became an instructor because she experienced the life-changing benefits of yoga and wanted to share it with her community. She holds a Master’s Degree (MA) in Sociology with a focus on social boundaries in health & wellness from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Sociology from UNCC. 

Angela Hales (RYT 500) teaches to empower yoga students of all backgrounds and abilities to find strength, healing, and peace through their own personal yoga practice -- whether this is their first yoga class or their 1,001st yoga class! As a yoga practitioner since 2009, Angela has felt the transformative power of a dedicated practice. Her classes pay close attention not just to exploring asana safely, but to all eight limbs of yoga. Angela has taught varying styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative yoga. With a master’s degree in International Higher Education, Angela enjoys working with the international community in the Southeast when not teaching yoga. She looks forward to meeting you!


Kacy Harbert

Yoga Teacher

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Julia Regeski

Yoga Teacher

Kacy began her yoga journey a decade ago and immediately fell in love. Discovering a new way to help with her own depression she knew that becoming a teacher would provide her an opportunity to help others with their mental health. Training under Marianne Wells in the rainforest of Costa Rica, she learned an alignment based method that allows her to teach all levels of students safely. Kacy has been taught what it means to practice really real yoga, allowing each student to discover the possibility they have to grow their own body, mind, and soul. With a light hearted approach, she wants to help guide as many people as she can to find their own path for spiritual growth.  Come visit Kacy for some divine spiritual growth.

Julia Regeski first fell in love with yoga when she was just 15 years old. Since then, she has led many an impromptu yoga session for family and friends; but it was several years after introducing yoga to young adults at a summer camp that she made the decision to enroll in yoga teacher training. With a focus on restorative and basic yoga, Julia believes that each student has a right to their own unique yogic journey. She is dedicated to creating a setting that is welcoming to all students through not just inclusive asana modifications, but also with intentional cue language and recognition of the many cultural factors that may bring students to – and sometimes keep them from – the mat. Julia completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in July 2020. In addition to deepening her personal yoga practice, she is also a freelance writer. She is also an avid reader, vegan foodie, and big fan of all things outdoors. A Georgia native, Julia lives just outside of Atlanta with her partner, her cat, and many houseplants.

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Toccara Jones

Massage Therapist and Sound Therapist


Catherine McPhaul

Energy Healing Practitioner

After year of my own personal struggles, successes and development. I began to see my higher purpose as a healer. While working as a Professional Model I began to hear an even higher calling to my healing practice. In 2015 I was licensed as a Massage Therapist, knowing that the incredible healing energy was focused and emitting from my hands. This marriage of sound and energy healing my massages soon began to work its magic through me to other. I’ve began to input my love for meditation and desire to help others to a higher standard. This is who I am, and this is what I love, hands on healing at all times. As I journey through healing I invite and greet those who are on the path.

Catherine graduated from Institute for Integrated Healing with a Certification in Chakra Healing in July of 2021. After a transformative experience in Tobago where she had the opportunity to peek into the world of alternative healing, this path was the catalyst for her own healing after a season of loss. While learning about chakras and healing, she began to realize that the Uncreated One gifted her with healing energy/touch and she was empowered to finally use it. In your sessions, her goal is to help you identify events throughout your life that impacted your internal experience alongside your external environment. You’ll lay on a massage table (clothed) as she examines your chakras a few inches above your body. Healing energy is then transmitted to you into the areas which might have been affected. Come join her on your journey towards alignment. “Stay aligned, my friends.”


Dianne Johnson

Yoga Teacher

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Dee Miller

Reflexology Practitioner

Dianne, “D”, Johnson (E-RYT 200, RYT 300, YACEP) began her yoga practice in March of 2017. She believes movement energizes the mind, body, and soul. It awards strength, endurance, confidence, pride, and self-awareness. She believes that investing in health and wellness is the greatest gift and expression of self-love. D’s classes are for both the beginner yogi and the experienced yogi. She offers various levels and options throughout class with reminders to listen to the body. Dianne teaches alignment-based Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative. She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design at Savannah, Georgia from 2006 - 2009 to study Metals and Jewelry. In 2013, she finished her B.F.A. at Georgia Southern University.

Dee believes deeply in the transformative power of touch. She has a warm, welcoming nature that invites peace and calmness to de-stress and enjoy total body relaxation through foot reflexology. She studied reflexology on her own before enrolling in training and receiving a certificate from The Heal Center Atlanta in Sandy Springs. Dee is also an avid tennis player on a Women's team out of Sweetwater, loves to travel, try new recipes, and spend quiet time in her garden.


Cynthia Chase

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

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Sioux Greaux

Healing Intuitive

Yoga Teacher

Cynthia has been a student of yoga for over 21 years. At age 47 she truly embraced the healing powers of Yoga. It tickled all her senses; it was her safe haven, her motivation, and provided a grounding sense of Community. Coming from a corporate environment in pharmaceutical sales with stressful responsibilities- yoga was the ultimate stress reliever. The positive results from her yoga practice left her feeling light, strong, invigorated and ALIVE. She received her yoga certification, RYS 200 hours of teaching training based on Ashtangya Vinyasa Yoga in Essex, Maryland. Cynthia's ultimate objective is to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of their level of ability, age, gender, or any other limiting belief that often is associated with the word Yoga. Yoga is for everyone. Welcome.

Sioux Greaux is a Healing Intuitive, offering unique energy medicine modalities. She is certified in Bioenergetic Therapy, Foot Zone Therapy, and is a Quantum Reiki Master. Sioux works with digestive issues, trauma, grief, PTSD, emotional imbalance, and abuse clients with amazing results. Her work in the art of energy healing supports needed attention to the inner sacred space of your soul, heart, mind, and body, to help you ever expand in optimal wellness and thrive at your highest and best.