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The Healing Environment creates and fosters an environment of healing. As you breach the threshold you will bask in the extraordinary experience of assorted scents, accents and activities which are truly transcendent. I have been transformed and no longer transfixed on the rigors of daily banal existence . My sense of loneliness has been replaced by a sense of belonging to a healing community. I encourage all who wake and walk with the desire of having a transformative human experience to visit !!!! I did and I feel more human and humane less apart and more a part of something greater than myself. For this I am eternally grateful!!!


I cannot even begin to explain how much BAM has impacted my life in such a positive way. It is so much more than a painting class, it is a full body experience. I took a few pre-natal focused classes and being that I had a tough pregnancy, this was the only time I felt at ease and actually comfortable. Laura has a very special gift to calm the spirit and express herself through teaching her wonderful art techniques.


Located conveniently for anyone that lives or visits Atlanta or Metro Atlanta. The Healing Environment is a precious gem in this city for all ages, men and women. An irresistible restorative space with everything necessary to support your Healing Journey. They offer a variety of services like: life coaching, healing therapy, yoga, energy healing, holistic apothacary, spiritual shop, phenomenal events and workshops. Shift from seeking to be at The Healing Environment.  


Jamaica and the team at The Healing Environment are amazing. They have everything you need in terms of self and spiritual care - from facials to yoni steams to Reiki, chakra alignments, and sound healings. There are self-help books, beautiful jewelry, but most importantly, a warm welcoming environment. Please go check out this place! Sign up for a service or join them for an upcoming event. You won't regret it.


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